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Microchipping Your Pet

Posted by Kylee Thomas | April 17, 2012
Categories: Pets

This week is National Pet ID week which is a perfect time to take a moment to talk about the many advantages of getting your pet microchipped. Did you know that getting lost is the number one cause of death for pets? Or that over the course of their lifetime 1 in 3 pets will go missing and without proper ID 90% of those pets never return home. By getting your pet microchipped you can give yourself peace of mind knowing that they have a permanent ID which will help them have the best chance of getting back home to you safely.

It may be easier to lose your pet then you think. They may dig under the fence or run through an electric underground fence. Many dogs panic during thunderstorms or fireworks and they may run away in fear. If you travel with your pet they may get lost while being in an unfamiliar place. In the case of an emergency or natural disaster your pet may get left behind or lost in the confusion. Your pet could also be stolen while they are unattended.

A microchip is a much more reliable form of identification that a collar and tag because once it’s inserted it is permanent. A microchip is implanted with a simple injection between your pet’s shoulder blades. It does not hurt your pet and provides no more discomfort that a vaccination. Here at TVC we use HomeAgain brand microchips. They are specially designed to make sure that they adhere to your pet’s tissues and do not move once they are placed. Once we implant the microchip we do all the work for you and register your pet’s unique number in the national database along with your contact information. If your pet is ever lost and taken to an animal shelter or veterinary clinic they will be scanned and then the registry will be contacted with the microchip number so the pet can be identified. Once your contact information is retrieved you will be contacted to let you know that your pet has been located.

HomeAgain will also proactively help locate your lost pet. If you ever lose your pet you can call 1-888-HOMEAGAIN and they start the search. They have a staff of Recovery Specialists who immediately send out emails to veterinary clinics and shelters in your area. Local Pet Rescuer volunteers are notified to be on the lookout for your pet. HomeAgain will make you personalized lost pet posters. They also provide travel assistance to return your pet back home safely after they are found.

Microchipping your pet really is a great way to ensure you that will get to safely enjoy your pet for many years! If you have an questions feel free to ask us!

Kylee Thomas

About Kylee Thomas

Dr. Kylee Thomas graduated from Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004 and returned home to work at Thomas Veterinary Clinic. In 2006, she purchased the clinic and has worked hard to maintain Thomas Veterinary Clinic’s reputation while incorporating new ideas and techniques. Through her abilities and compassion, Dr. Thomas makes sure you and your pet receive quality care.